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What if..

Hope for the best

Prepare for the worst

Life sometimes takes an unexpected turn and many people lose hope of ever getting back to normalcy ….

But have faith in yourself.

Have a never-to-die spirit and unshakeable perseverance .

Trust the process.

This too shall pass….

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Love yourself..

9 thoughts on “What if..

  1. Maybe this will never pass. It will pass with the end of this body. These materialistic feelings will kill me every day and only end can save me from this. Waiting for the day🙂


    1. Even if we look at it from a spiritual point of view,then also we have to keep calm and be patient to let ourselves let go of feelings of this “materialistic world” and become one with God. We have to control our senses

      In Bhagwad Gita, it’s written that we aren’t body but soul or aatma((I agree with you on that)) but it also mentions that bhakti(devotion) can be attained in this world also.
      So, try to minimise your materialistic desires bit by bit and Don’t talk of dying as the only solution…
      Do you understand??

      I never expected that I was so good at giving spiritual advices but I hope you understood.😅

      Let yourself go of those self-deprecating thoughts which lower you both in this world and the spiritual realm.

      Be happy…
      Be positive…

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      1. I completely agree with you, whatever u r saying is written there I have also read geeta but still its the truth that attaining that position is very very tough. I am trying since a long time and I hope one day I will attain that position. But in current mood I am fed up of things. I am helpless and just waiting for time to heal things


        1. I read your posts and they also kind of tell me that you’re feeling empty..
          But have faith.
          I do agree that attaining the position of a rigid spiritual soul is very difficult

          I feel you are having a tough time because maybe you’re expecting a lot from others(Never ever do this)in the process of being nice to them .
          I think you should try to forget by keeping yourself indulged in some productive activities (Trust me,it really helps).
          What would change if you think about the past and all those people who never understood your worth…
          Just think over it and you’ll surely pass this phase of life also.

          Some important things are learnt from ones’ own experiences.
          In the process,I understood that I am playing a game with myself if I’m expecting a lot from others.
          But it’s good to learn from experiences of others also .

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